The Python Internationalization Library


Babel is an internationalization library for Python. It has full unicode support and provides access to the CLDR data files. It's widely used and BSD licensed.

Babel is Simple and Useful

>>> from babel.dates import format_datetime
>>> print format_datetime(locale='ru_RU')
26 июля 2013 г., 15:48:18

>>> from babel.numbers import format_currency
>>> print format_currency(10.50, 'EUR', locale='de_DE')
10,50 €
>>> print format_currency(10.50, 'USD', locale='en_AU')

And Powerful

Babel provides access to the majority of the CLDR data. It simplifies internationalization by doing the heavy lifting for you. It can format dates, timespans and all kinds of number information. It simplifies dealing with timezones and gives you access to the raw data (like month and timezone names, how formatting works for different languages and more).

Wide Range of Features


Found a bug? Have a good idea for improving Babel? Head over to Babel's new github page and create a new ticket or fork. If you just want to chat with fellow developers, visit the IRC channel or join the mailinglist.

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